Walking School Bus

We now have four Walking School Buses that travel to and from Waterlea School.  Each bus is run and accompanied by parent volunteers, and children are collected from stops along a planned route to school.  Walking on the buses is a safe and social way for children to get to and from school: the children can spend time with friends, they get the benefit of being active, and they have bus tickets which get clicked to earn them certificates and special bag tags.  Other benefits include reduced traffic congestion around the school gates and a more connected community.  The map below shows the four routes.  If you live further away, you can drive to a Walking School Bus and join in.  Or if you live along a route just join in as we walk past!
Wallace route:
Meet at the corner of Wallace Rd and McIntyre Rd from Tuesday to Friday at 8.15am.
Walks home from school Tuesday to Friday at 3pm.
Contact: Rachel Davies racheldavies1102@gmail.com to join.
Ashcroft route (morning only):
Meet at the corner of Ashcroft Ave and Feltwell from Tuesday to Friday at 8.20am.
Contact: Gee Taylor gee.brookes@gmail.com to join.
Muir route:
Meet outside 51a Muir Ave every Monday and Friday at 8.30am.
Walk home from school Monday and Friday at 3pm – meet outside Room 4.
Contact: Jess Goodall jess@troygoodall.com to join.
Maunga Route (morning only):
Meet outside 15 Steen Place from Wednesday to Friday at 8.10am.
Contact Loren Hockly lorenhockly@gmail.com or Abby Spence abbyjts@gmail.com to join.


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